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Expert advice on skin care, make-up application, healthy eating and much more from beauty industry experts.

  • How to Combat Winter Dry Skin

    Dry skin results in flaky rough surface texture and a feeling of tightness and sometimes itchiness. If left untreated, dry skin can become inflamed and lead to redness and discomfort. Aging issues of wrinkling or poor elasticity can appear worse when symptoms of dry skin appear. There are two types of dry skin. The most frequent type of dry skin is a result of dehydration. Continue reading

  • Lets Talk Moisture

    Being properly hydrated is a must all year long and understanding how the skin functions, as well as adopting therapies to introduce and lock moisture into the skin, will help you achieve balanced, hydrated skin all year long. With Winter months soon upon us I will list some key ways to stay hydrated this winter. Continue reading

  • Why We Love Eucalyptus

    Besides the wonderful smell of eucalyptus, for over 200 years eucalyptus has been used for healing in traditional chinese and ayurveda. There a many uses for eucaplyptus and it is popular in spa's for use in aromatherapy massage as well as body treatments. Below, however, are some practical applications for eucalyptus that you can enjoy at home. Continue reading

  • Five Benefits of Cold Compresses versus Warm Compresses

    Well lets face it, estheticians rarely hear that "aah" sound from a client when a cold compress is applied during the treatment. But just apply that warm towel and they immediately begin to destress! Whether it's a facial or a massage everyone loves the relaxing effects of a nice warm towel wrapped around the face, neck and shoulders. But facial treatments are about delivering great results, i.e., clearer skin, smaller pores, more even tone and texture, and improving circulation and overall well being. Continue reading

  • 3 traditional Spa Drink recipes with skin care benefits

    Summer is the time to kick back, relax and enjoy the longer days of sunlight.  We want a nice tropical drink to enjoy, but nothing to complicated, right?  Well we've gathered a three of our favorite spa drinks that are simple to make, and,  as a bonus have added skin care benefits...so enjoy!

    From our spa to you, enjoy our favorite "spa drinks" for added skin care benefits.

    Coconut water
    Takes you to a tropical place without leaving the country. Filled with hydrating ingredients. We recommend using 100% raw coconut water. Continue reading

  • Summer Waxing Tips

    Waxing, when performed correctly by a licensed esthetician, can result in baby smooth skin for weeks with no itching, stubble, or irritation that shaving can sometimes cause. While we see an increase in body waxing services during the summer months, it's recommended that you continue waxing year round for best long term results. Below are some tips to consider to enhance your waxing experience: Continue reading

  • An ounce of prevention...Must not be taken lightly

    Unfortunately most clients seek out estheticians to correct rather than prevent skin issues from occurring. One treatment is not going to remove years of neglect and damage nor is it going to drastically improve your appearance. Continue reading

  • 2016 Summer Open House Event! June 25 from 10-3!

    Kick off your Summer the right way by coming to our Open House Event! It's the perfect opportunity to test out our products, have fun, and see all we have to offer for your skin. Continue reading

  • Tired Eyes? The True Culprits behind Tired Eyes

    Yes, we all know that the eyes are the window to the soul and the first thing people notice on the face. It can also play a role in a person's first impression and no one wants to look hung over, sleep deprived, or just tired. You can spend time applying makeup expertly, Continue reading

  • The Sun and your Skin: Separating Myths and Truths

    Below I've listed valuable information as we head into the summer months with more outdoor exposure to sun. There seem to be a lot of misconceptions about sunscreens as far as "chemical vs. physical" blocks as well as SPF factors. UV rays are responsible for 90 percent of photo-aging and the main cause of cancer in the U.S. I hope these facts will hep with any confusion regarding "The Sun and your Skin". Continue reading

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